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A Word from the Trustees

The driving force for the foundation is to maintain the unselfish giving attitude of Linda Shaio to everyone she encountered in life and to continue to honor her dedication as a language teacher, a lover of the performing arts and a giver to the less fortunate.

The Linda Shaio Foundation is managed by her husband Alberto, her two daughters Elizabeth and Katherine and her son Victor. Distribution of funds will be managed directly to the beneficiaries and 100% of all donations will go to meet the above objectives, with the trustees of the foundation contributing all administrative costs.

    Janet Schur's art exhibit on Greenwich Avenue was a success and there is a new owner for her painting entitled "Lady Linda".Janet has donated the net proceeds of this sale to the Linda Shaio Foundation. We thank her for her generosity, friendship and continued support.


    The launch of the Linda Shaio Foundation has been extremely well received. In addition to numerous contributions, we have received many pictures, comments, "random acts of kindness" and a guest book that is filling up quickly. THANK YOU TO ALL.

    A request for financial support has been received from an accomplished young musician in Colombia. The trustees are evaluating this opportunity.

    More News to come shortly.